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I am so confident that my techniques work, that I offer a free
recheck within 48 hours of your first treatment if you don't
notice improvement in your condition.

Mark McFarland, D.C.
210 E. North Ave.
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Dr. Mark and his treatment style:

~Mark McFarland, pre-med student 1975

"I WAS WRONG."  ~Mark McFarland, D.C. 2008
The 1975 statement was my response the first time someone suggested I see a Chiropractor for my back pain.  I was a pre-med major at CMSU at the time.  The medical bias against Chiropractic was firmly implanted in my brain.  However, I had to admit that the pain pills and muscle relaxers from the campus clinic weren't working.  I must have had one single unbiased neuron in my brain that kept saying "The drugs aren't working; you're so doped up you can't study or march with the marching band or the ROTC.  Try the Chiropractor."  So I did. ~Mark McFarland, D.C. 2008

$30 per visit
covers everything


The founder of Chiropractic said there are 3 causes of disease.  Trauma, poison. and auto suggestion.  Trauma is the need for adjustments.  Poison is the need for nutrition.  Auto suggestion simply means that the way you feel emotionally can affect the way you feel physically.  With the addition of Contact Reflex Analysis and Neuro Emotional Technique to my adjusting methods, I feel that I can be a true "holistic" practitioner.

In 1976, my dad reached down to get something out of the refrigerator and collapsed on the floor.  He wouldn't let me touch him because I had just started my Chiropractic college.  I got him into the car and drove to the Richards Gebaur Air Force Base hospital ER.

They came out to the car and asked us what happened.  They went back inside and came out with a sack of pills.  They told Dad to lay on the floor on a heat pad for a month and take the pills.  Mom took him to see her civilian doctor who recommended a myelogram to see if he needed surgery.  They said they wanted to try something else first and might be back.

They took him to Glen Roberts, D.C. and I was amazed when he came home.  He was walking straight upright, and smiling, and singing Dr. Roberts' praises to beat the band.  I asked Dad what Dr. Roberts did and he said  "He sat me in a chair and rubbed my neck with a vibrator."

That was my introduction to upper cervical chiropractic.  I thought there was no way an acute low back could be fixed by rubbing the neck with a vibrator.

As fate would have it, Mom and Betty Roberts volunteered to join Human rescue at the same time and became good friends.  Two years later, Dr. Roberts offered to train me and take me into his practice when I graduated.  That's how I became an upper cervical Chiropractor.

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