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The founder of Chiropractic said there are 3 causes of disease.  Trauma, poison. and auto suggestion.  Trauma is the need for adjustments.  Poison is the need for nutrition.  Auto suggestion simply means that the way you feel emotionally can affect the way you feel physically.  With the addition of Contact Reflex Analysis and Neuro Emotional Technique to my adjusting methods, I feel that I can be a true "holistic" practitioner.

Helpful links regarding Dr. Mark's treatment style:

Doctor Dickholtz High Blood Pressure study carried by
Good Morning America Tuesday March 2, 2008.

www.nucca.org NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.  Though I am not a member yet; I totally agree with their philosophy.
If you go to this site, there are some excellent videos demonstrating very quick  results.  That's what I like about this style.  One of my favorite quotes from ORTHOSPINLOLGY PROCEDURES by Eriksen and Rochester is "INDEED, THE NATURE OF THIS CARE ALLOWS IT TO BE FINE-TUNED TO SATISFY THE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF PATIENTS, AND IT USUALLY RESULTS IN FEWER VISITS TO ACHIEVE THERAPEUTIC GOALS."   To me, that's what it's all about, QUICK RESULTS.  Also, in my office, I don't use X-rays.  That's where the muscle testing comes in.  I try to get the same excellent clinical results using muscle testing instead of X-rays
I spent my first 2 years with Dr. Roberts before starting my own practice.  Doc told me "I've got the technique this far, now you take the ball and run with it."  The first technique I added was Sacro Occipital Technique- SOT for short.  Most patients know this as the method that uses the pelvic blocks for the low back and pelvis.  It's a very good technique and blends in well with my work.
www.netmindbody.com CRA led me to Neuro Emotional Technique -Net for short  This is also a great technique when needed.
www.drbrownstein.com These two links are all about Iodine.  Two books I wish everyone would read are  IODINE- WHY YOU NEED IT- WHY YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT  by David Brownstein, M.D. and BREAST CANCER AND IODINE by David M Derry, M.D. PhD.  In a nutshell, the mainland Japanese have the lowest incidence of cancer of the breasts, ovaries, uterus, and prostate in the world.  These doctors think it's because of the Iodine in all the seaweed they eat.  They are trying to bash the myth of  what they call medical iodophobia.  There's so much in nutrition that I can't learn it all; but after reading these books, I'm convinced that we're all iodine deficient.  If you want to do something good nutritionally, first get iodine sufficient.  It's cheap and really good for you.

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