(After your first treatment - for new patients!!)

I am so confident that my techniques work, that I offer a free
recheck within 48 hours of your first treatment if you don't
notice improvement in your condition.

Mark McFarland, D.C.
210 E. North Ave.
Suite 103
(Between Maurer's Sports &
Wash Wizard Laundromat)
Belton, MO  64012

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"I have been to many Chiropractors over the last 30 years and I've never seen anything like this.  I went to Dr. Mark with an elbow problem that was driving me crazy for a couple months, no need for that brace anymore. Weird thing is - he never touched my elbow.  He then got rid of the wrist brace I've been wearing night and day for my "carpel tunnel" for at least 10 years.  I'm glad I tried this non-traditional Chiropractic treatment, and look forward to "not getting my neck popped", again. (I always hated that part the most anyway.) Be open & try it - helped me a lot!"  I just can't say enough about Dr. Mark and his unique talent and ability.  I'm truly lucky our paths crossed.! ~April Fleener, 2008
     "I first came to Dr. McFarland over 20 years ago when I was thirty-something because I had been lifting dirt and hurt my lower back.  I had also had a whiplash injury in 1977 and it continued to bother me periodically.
     I was looking for a chiropractor who practiced the non-force technique and who did not take unnecessary x-rays to boost their income.  I wanted one who did not have you come back every week whether you needed to or not.  Most of all, I wanted RESULTS!  I have found all of these things after coming to Dr. McFarland.  I always say he has kept me on my feet for the last 20+ years.  Another thing I like about Dr. McFarland is that he is a big advocate for continuing education and is always trying new things to help his patients.
     Dr. McFarland is the best chiropractor I have been to, which is evidenced by my longevity with him.  He has many years of experience in doing the non-force technique and I would totally recommend him without reservation."
~Elizabeth Reeves, Kansas City, MO
     "I have been with Dr. McFarland since 1992.   I am impressed with his ability to heal the body structurally, nutritionally, and emotionally.  I seriously doubt I can find anyone who can heal my body in quicker time.  His style is unique and one-of-a-kind. 
     I had constant back pains when I first came to him.  He discovered through muscle response testing that my pain was due to my gall bladder.  After two visits, my gall bladder began functioning properly.  His recommendation of "Standard Process" nutritional supplements has helped my gall bladder to produce more bile and I feel fine.  Since then, I have had Dr. McFarland point out that some of my physical difficulties are due to emotional issues.  With one visit, he helped me correct the emotion and be pain free. 
     What I like best about his chiropractic style is his belief that moving the muscles can benefit the patient as well as adjusting the neck or back.  His use of a hand vibrator on my neck and shoulders is soothing and produces immediate relief from pain.  Sometimes however I do require an adjustment. 
     Dr. McFarland is the best kept secret in Belton when it comes to healing!"
~Tim Hughes, Belton, MO
  "Decades ago, in the middle of an urgent translation job, my arm became extremely hurtful and useless.  I was unable to type on my first old IBM-based cassette type word processor or even use the buttons on a Dictaphone dictating machine. 
    I visited a physician who said there was nothing to be done except to put my arm in a sling for the next 4 weeks.  This meant that I would not have been able to complete that or any other jobs.  
    Someone recommended Dr. McFarland; I was typing again the next day - the pain was gone. Over the years, Dr. McFarland rescued many more jobs and left me pain-free many times. Now even at age 73, I continue to do lots of translation work on the computer.  Any time I feel some pain coming on, I call Dr. McFarland, and continue to live pain-free."
~Doris Ganser, Belton, MO

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